Knock out Your Top 5 Stressors and #1 Business Roadblock
to wIN regardless Today!


WIN Regardless
learn to knock out Your Top 5 stressors and channel
Your Stress into positive energy, focus and performance. 
there's No better time then now.  

by taking control of your energy, focus and performance,
you'll Be Ready to Knock out Your #1 Business Roadblock, 
Build Your business power systems and WIN regardless!

learn to knock out Your Top 5 stressors and channel  
Your Stress into positive energy, focus and performance. 
there's No better time then now.  

by taking control of your energy, focus and performance,
you'll Be Ready to Knock out Your #1 Business Roadblock, 
Build Your business power systems and WIN regardless!

Greg Porto Describes How A Cab Ride in NYC began 
The Journey to  the WIN Regardless program:
a 1-2 Knockout Punch for business owners Today
who is this program for?
  • Business owners with established companies.
  • Business owners over-stressed by uncertainty, conflicting data, constant pivoting, and decision fatigue.
  • Business owners with a major business roadblock that must be fixed.
  • ​Business owners looking for a way to manage and succeed in the new normal.
the 1-2 WIN Regardless knockout punch
#1: Knockout
Your Top 5 Stressors
#2: Knockout
Your #1 Business Roadblock 
how it works
Weekly Zoom Sessions:
1-on-1 Coaching
  • Meet weekly with Greg Porto. Coaching via Zoom video conference.
  • Each week follow your WIN Regardless program. Designed specifically for your unique personal and business objectives.
  • Program materials delivered virtually. Through our private online platform and mobile app. Accessible anytime, anywhere. 
Top 5 Stressors Assessment:
Identify Personal + Business Stressors
  • Complete the proprietary Energy Boss stress assessment. Identify and measure your top 5 personal and business stressors.
  • Once identified, customized protocols will be prescribed to knock out your top 5 stressors.
  • Track and measure your success using our private, HIPAA compliant mobile app, with regular coaching from our team.
Boss Breathing System:
Take Control of Stressors for Top Performance
  • Take control of your top 5 stressors using the most accessible, evidence-based, economical and fast acting Mind-Body Medicine technique - breathing!
  • Learn the Boss Breathing System: Adapted to the work-life needs of a boss. Something even a Type A will love!
  • Master breathing to turn stress into a daily competitive edge in high stakes situations - negotiating, managing employees and customers, even a call with your banker!
Business Power System: Part 1:
Identify #1 Business Roadblock
  • Identify your #1 Business Roadblock by examining your business through the Business Power System framework.  Time tested, practical and POWERFUL, this framework will quickly and objectively identify your biggest problem to address - without getting stuck in the weeds.
  • Understand how to knock out the Roadblock. Without disrupting what works in your business!
  • A proven fast process. Includes an assessment, discovery session, financial and data review, action plan and implementation. In weeks, not months!
Business Power System: Part 2: 
Build Your Own Business Power Systems
  • We'll show you how to master the Business Power System framework to build your own Business Power Systems. What defines a Business Power System?
  • A Business Power System is 
    Shock Resistant to Risks. You'll
    learn to zero-in and attack two kinds of business risks - the ordinary and the extraordinary. We've seen a lot. 
  • A Business Power System is
    X-Ray Opportunistic.
    You'll identify new 
    opportunities beyond the obvious to increase perceived customer value and your business' economic value. 
  • A Business Power System is Practical to Implement. We'll walk you through implementation including a resource allocation plan, sales and profitability forecasts, and timetable.
Keeping the Edge:
Staying in Action + Aligning the Team  
  • Keep your management team focused, in action and aligned. Engage in regular executive team coaching sessions via Zoom. To make sure it gets done because failure is not an option!
  • Follow-up coaching so you never go back. Check-in monthly or quarterly via Zoom and/or mobile app to make sure you don't lose ground.
  • Keep​ your Business Power Systems in play, permanently.
    Stay plugged into the WIN Regardless community through videos, webinars and events.
Get Greg Porto's WIN Regardless Videos
 Knockout Your Top 5 Stressors and Your #1 Business Roadblock.
To WIN Regardless Today!
What Clients Say
Going through the program gave us a clear direction on how to build the company with just the resources we have today despite the ups and downs of our industry and the economy.

Greg showed us how to keep two things as major priorities for all of our product categories: always becoming more valuable to our customers and driving our cash flow margins up. 

Best of all we learned a better way to understand our challenges and how to quickly work solutions.

Owner of a mid-size manufacturing company
Chicago, IL
I came to Energy Boss because I was exhausted and needed to find a way to keep running our business. My stress went way down, the mental fog evaporated and I found the same focus and drive I had when we started everything 10 years ago.

It was like I seeing the  business for the first time. We boiled down the issues to the big items. We used the Win Regardless system to be disciplined about prioritizing risks and dedicating resources. That also helped us see where we could grow sales and income. 

The best part is that the core program only took about three months from start to end.

This is the best move I ever made for myself and our business. 

Owner of a systems development company
Tampa, FL
I’ve never seen anything that could simultaneously reduce my stress and grow my business. My doctor told me the answer to my stress was to take more vacations. That good feeling lasts for about a week after I am back, then my stress goes back up. 

I don’t want to sell my business because I can’t manage it, I want to sell it when I’m ready and its worth more.

Greg and the Energy Boss team showed me how to manage my health and manage the business at the same time. 

The business system they teach is so clear and easy to use, we use it for every decision we make.

Owner of a food wholesaler
Charlotte, NC
Take Control. Keep Your Edge. Build Your Power. WIN Regardless. 
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